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Welcome to Insta Friday. Where I show off some of my favorite pictures from my Instagram acct here on the blog. First we have a picture of my Color Theory Dress. I had a wonderful friend who just happens to be an amazing seamstress make me a dress that she pinned and drafted and made just for me. she followed New Look # 6223  pattern but made alterations to fit me perfectly. It’s one of my most favorite dresses. (PS: my husband always asks why I have buoys hanging around my neck every time I wear this necklace…and also asks if my neck hurts when I wear it…perhaps sometimes my neck does feel a little strained…don’t care still love it.) (PPS: I am very white in this picture…apparently I didn’t get as much sun as most other summers…I blame it on too much work not enough play…)

Next is another Color Theory project! This one is probably one of my most favorite! Look at that adorable dog. Seriously, he’s like want to eat him so cute! This was one of The Village Haberdashery’s customer Chrisblanshard who made this dog bed using the All People Quilts FREE Tutorial on their site.

Also I haven’t really talked lately (I’ve been super busy!!) about the fact that Simply Color: Green Book
is out and available for purchase!!! (you can also purchase RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW.) This wonderful picture was taken by my great friend Chris the Tattooed Quilter his pictures are always just so inspiring and fun to look at.

I’m so excited to have BLUE and PURPLE show up in the coming months to complete the whole box set!!

But I have to Gush…I looooove the green book like a lot…it’s sort of my favorite color (well along with blue) But this is one of my favorite quilts in the GREEN book.  It’s called Green Bean and it’s proudly displayed in my house. It’s made up of mostly scraps of greens from all sorts of shades and tints and values, to make log cabins…I heart it a lot.


SOOOOO…remember Wednesday?

Yeah she finished:

Isn’t this AAMAZING? 340 Hexagons, ready to be quilted…If you are going to Quilt Market Nicole’s Ombre Hexagons will be hanging out in my booth in the Moda section. I’m beyond excited. 🙂

Have a great weekend.

Happy fall.

We’ll talk soon.

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