Insta Friday…on Wednesday


Hexagons made out of V and Co Ombre 

 Well, how about that…I totally miss and mess up my first INSTA FRIDAY back this last week. I have a good excuse. Well, not really I guess…my mom came into town and I was just getting everything ready. BUT! This just means that I’ll have more pictures to show you in a couple days again. Because Instagram is a hopping with pictures! SO FUN!

Today lets highlight these pictures! Modern HandCraft is so amazing with her Modern Hexies. If you haven’t seen these work of art with fabric, you need to go check it out now….so amazing!

We sent her some fabric so she could work her magic and sure enough she hasn’t disappointed. Here is her FREE TUTORIAL

 Next up was this really pretty quilt made by Quilt Jane using our Color Theory Fabric with Moda. Please don’t ask me what the quilt pattern is, I know she made it up..and perhaps there will be a pattern for it someday…but what I can tell you is that she made it for a wonderful friend of ours, Penny (who’s husband just recently passed away unexpectedly).

It’s a gorgeous quilt and their friendship is equally as beautiful. I pray that this quilt and their friendship will give her comfort in this trial-some time. We love you Penny.

And Last one for now are these gorgeous Butterfly Paper Pieced Quilt blocks by Sariditty. She used Lillyella’s pattern and she used our Simply Colorful Green Blue Purple Fabric with Moda (WHICH SHIPS SOON!!!! YAY!!)  for the butterflies. The finished quilt is amazing!!! I’ll show that off more later next week!!! 🙂

Okay off to keep working. Market is around the corner and I have a few things that need to get done…and FAST!

We’ll talk soon, I promise I’ll post some more fun Instagram pictures on Friday!!!