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V and Co.: Quilt Spring Market


 So I’m finally getting around to showing off some pictures of Spring Quilt Market.

 I was showing off the second half of my Simply Colorful line. (green, blue, purple)

 and I was also showing off my new Aurifil Thread collection to go with the books and the fabric.

And of course the books!

Me right after my school house feeling very relieved. AmyLouWho made my skirt AGAIN! LOVE YA AMY!

 I did a schoolhouse on how to market your Simply Color Books in your store. (thank you Amy for my skirt!!) They are a wonderful key of information on how to use the color wheel and how to empower your customer in learning how to pick fabric on their own. I’ll be doing a whole blog post on this here, the store owners were very excited to hear how this book not only has 6-7 projects in each book, but it also has beautiful photography, AND it’s a great teaching tool for the customers needing a little help in understanding why certain colors go better together than others. 

But not everything is work and work and work at market.

Basic Grey, Lella boutique, and Little Miss Shabby

 Moda had a photo booth with props set up. And clearly I heard “make your best Valley Girl impression.” and no one else did. I hung out with these three ladies the whole time. We were booth partners on the same wall. And this is hilarious…someone had a sick sense of humor and put Vanessa G and Vanessa C right next to each other. Every time someone would say “Vanessa…” both of us would look up like simultaneously. People were having a very fun time with it. And then by like the second day V squared got all:

Every time someone would mess with us…

and the horns came out. Kidding Vanessa and I had a lovely time being next to each other talking about how we were the only Vanessa’s we knew growing up, and how our mom’s came up with our names and such…by day 3 we actually got used to hearing our name and not both thinking it was us they were talking to. Not really we were not used to it but it was fun. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind being next to her again. 

 I always love being around Jen Kingwell. She’s amazing and funny and nice and well amazing. I mentioned that right?

 This quilt is on my to do list. it’s cray-cray and I love it!!!!

 This time around I roomed with Anna of Noodlehead. (this is her beautiful booth) she was debuting her book and her new fabric collection with Cloud 9 fabrics.

I also got to room with Amy of Diary of a Quilter, and Amanda of Crazy Mom Quilts.

 We had quite the adventurous time…on saturday morning the whole hotel was evacuated and the firemen showed up. This is our “it wasn’t me” picture, because we swear it wasn’t us that set off the alarm. Apparently the sprinklers went off in a room…that’s all I know. Though now that I think back on it Amy did leave before the firemen showed up…sooo yeah and she is kind of shifty that one…So yeah. May have to look more into that. Anyways, It was eventful and fun in and out of the convention center. 🙂

Butterfly kisses coming soon to the shop.

I have 4 new patterns releasing in the next couple of weeks.

I can’t wait to show you. 🙂

Simply Color Purple Book in process and final stages…

But for now I am busy finishing up a few things here and there and finishing up the patterns…so back to that I go! 

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