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V and Co: things i’ve learned at my LQS


 as i’ve written, these past couple of weeks i’ve been hanging out at my local quilt store (LQS <--yup just learned that acronym like this year and have been waiting to use it at just the right time!) i've been learning a lot of cool stuff on the  780 .

my LQS who also happens to be my bernina dealer has been nothing but helpful in teaching me how to use not only this machine, but to learn some of the things that i can use once i have to give back the machine.

sadly i am needing to let it go and soon. and have it go back to bernina so it can travel to it’s next destination.

just today they taught me how to digitalize my bloom pattern and put it in to the computer, so that i can, cut out petals:

 using the design works software.

i had a blast learning to and using this little tool:

to basically create with the machine what i had to do by hand before.

truly this software and machine is a-maz-ing.

watch the videos here of this amazing software and tools. i just scratched the surface on it but am excited to keep working with the software even after i have to give the sewing machine back. yeah i’m a little sad.

in the videos you will also see that there are possibilities with 

paint, jewels and of course what i showed you the cutting. and lets not forget the embroidery…which i’m going to try out some fun stuff on that as well. 🙂

the owner of the store wanted to have a picture of me working on the 780 series, and with the bloom quilt that we were able to digitalize the petals for on the machine.

i was having a bit of a bad hair day so i thought to better represent what i would really look like if i had taken the time to get all dolled up, would be of the celeb lucy hale, that i’m pretty sure i get mixed up for ALL the time. no one has ever said i look like her but i’m sure everyone is thinking it. no really. why are you laughing?

anyways, i’ve considered living the life of a criminal and just taking the 780 and hitting the road, but i figured i’d miss my family and friends. so fine. bernina take it. :/ i’m not at all moping or anything.

i do want to say that i am grateful for the time i was given with the 780 as it also has given me the opportunity to get to know the crew at my Local Quilt Store).

any who, my local quilt store is pretty cool.

and i am pretty excited to keep working with them.

i like learning at the store, up till now i’ve learned most of what i know through friends who have patience with me, reading online how to’s, and self experimenting on my bernina.

one thing i’ve learned through this process is that i really like hands on learning and teaching. i like the interaction and also all the FREAKING knowledge these women have been taught not only through those around them but through bernina.  also i like that when i joke i actually have an immediate laughing audience. seriously. 🙂

i encourage you to go to your local store and get to know the classes and get to know the people.

i’m a true believer now that i am able to go and not only support, but also learn from and enjoy my local quilt store peeps.

more sewing will be happening soon. i have a cute fast simple baby quilt how to coming your way soon.

but for right now:

i’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off as my mother is here, and i’m trying to do last minute preps for my class in austin in just a few short days!!!!


wait wasn’t i just saying how much i love this? 🙂 i do. so if you don’t mind i’ll freak out now so i can love it while i do it. talk to you soon.