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V and Co: meet the Beast


some of you know that i call my children “noisemakers”. which btw thank you for your kind words on motherhood and the spectrum of emotions that it brings. 🙂

i’m having a pretty awesome week so far…but it’s only monday so we’ll just keep plugging away! 🙂

okay, so some of you know i call my children noisemakers…i’ve also given names to objects around my house. like i’ve named my serger (whom i still have a tumultuous relationship with) Sergio. (but you have say the “gio” with a lot of flemy throat action) you know that i named my sewing machine “betty” because she’s so cute and basically my best friend…well we hang out almost every day for hours on end so yeah, best friend status is in order,  and you know that my car’s name is steve. oh wait, no, you don’t know that do you. yeah, my car is named steve, and my husband’s car is brenda. they have a relationship…but that’s for another post i guess.

sooooo, why do i tell you these things? well because i’d like to introduce you to the “BEAST”

oh no, NO! really it’s not a bad thing why i call her that.

she’s just kind of LARGE. and POWERFUL, and WELL….

 hello look at her! she’s like a tank compared to my little betty.

i mean hello, that lady has some testosterone enough to grow a mustache.

and when i walk away i can just envision what my betty and the beast’s conversations are like:

BEAST: i can squash you if i want to. i can eat cute little bernina’s like you for breakfast!

betty: oh swear word. *happy place happy place!!! just two weeks and she’ll be going somewhere else!*

yeah, she’s a beautiful beast, and, yes, for two weeks i get to play with her. you’ve already seen my spiderweb table runner i made with her, but that’s nothing compared to what she can do.

soooo here’s the deal, bernina has given me the amazing opportunity to work on this 780 bernina machine. on it i am going to not only work on my projects, (which i have a few to show you that i’ve been working on) but they are also having the bernina dealer here in my town of cedar rapids (hi pineneedles!!)…

help me learn some of the cool features on this amazing Beast. here we have lisa teaching us about the embroidery section on the 780.  look how studios we all look. it’s like blowing our minds. also from this angle i look just like my mom. holy crap. 

 yeah, here we are having a grand ‘ol time and surprisingly not because of some inappropriate thing i said. i KNOW a first on that one. can’t remember what we were talking about but obviously i’d had my loaded diet dr pepper already that morning because i look like i’m about to pee my pants laughing, while everyone else respectively smiles. well, laugh hard or go home apparently is what i heard so i was doing my part…

anywho i digress…

so for the next few weeks it’s my turn to be  the celebrity sewer to work with the 780. you’ll see me pipe in here with cool new things i’ve learned about this machine.

on wednesday i have a new fall how to. nothing too crazy, just V and Co-ish decor. 🙂 perhaps we may even have a video depending on how the daughter noisemaker fairs holding the camera. 🙂

we’ll try to give that a go.

k, we’ll talk soon.