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V and Co: and then there was yardage


first off thank you for the lovely response. 🙂

and well later this last week the ups guy dropped off the rest of her.

here she is in all her glory.

pretty sure i scared the crap out of the UPS guy when he came to the door and i basically grabbed and dragged in the package as i hissed and growled for him to take his hands off my property.

insert obnoxious high pitch sing songy “kidding” right here. 🙂

i can NOT wait to show you what i’m making with it.

oh man. i wish i could just show you now..but you know the drill.

sew sew sew…wait wait wait, THEN SHOW.


we are having a couple of book reviews scheduled this week. i’ll be over here behind the scenes sewing but just know soon there will be more to show of what i’ve been up to.

for for now

have a fantabulous day.we’ll talk soon. 🙂

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