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V and Co: argyle quilt and some friends


hello friends.

how the heck are you?

how am i?

short answer: “GOOD!” thanks for asking.

longer answer: “well, i had to ask someone what day it was the other day. and i’ve not blogged in…i don’t know how many days because remember i just asked someone what day it was. duh. and my laundry has taken on a mind of its own. BUT the kids have had fun climbing “mount clean but wrinkled laundry” just to make it dirty again with their grubby little hands and feet. you know. a life of a mom.” 😛

i have been working on my next set of written paper patterns. the argyle quilt is one of them. 🙂 yay! just waiting for it to come back from the printers, as well as two more. watch for those later on this week. i’ll post them and give a discount code for them! 🙂 happy day.

faith’s blocks

 this last weekend we had some visitors over in our neck of the woods.

and in preparation i bought more chocolate and candy in one weekend than i have in like years. see, i don’t buy candy just to have candy. (no i buy chocolate chips and pretend they are just for cooking instead) so my children…aka noisemakers 1,2,3, and 4 are not used to having a ton of free range candy and when they saw the candy, i kid you not, (okay maybe i kid a little but it wasn’t far from) they became candy crack addicts and were doing as close to candy cocaine lines as they could.

they had chocolate smeared over the faces, and were shaking/ in a sugar coma by the end of it.

we definitely will not have that much candy in our house ever again. they cant handle it.

and no dear healthy family of mine that is reading this, they were not in fact shaking. but they did have glassy eyes and were moving really REALLY fast and talking a mile a minute and were super annoying. personally i would of taken the shaking. yes, im kidding.

so we had:

 megan, jeni (aka bunny jeni) deedee, faith, and anna.

im just grateful i got this picture of all of them as the one i asked someone else to take:

 turned out like this. oh well. sorry ladies, if you squint you can see it really is us. 🙂

i’m grateful for the fact that i didn’t have to plan a thing, and really this little get together just fell into place nonchalantly and kind of really unplanned. i just provided the house…with kids. im sure they went home SUPER rested.

pretty sure the highlight of the time (beside sewing for a minute inbetween salty and sweet snacks) was this yummy rabbit cake deedee made for jeni for her birthday.

we all ate the rabbit and swore never to speak of it to george.

it kind of felt all wrong yet so yummy at the same time…

we’ll talk soon.

i’ll be over here trying to climb out of this pile i’ve created.