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he’s 10 today


my second noisemaker is 10 today.

here are a few things about you right now:

*you like to read. like a lot. (500 page books kind of reading)

*you are really smart. no really, you are, and i’m not just saying that cause i’m your mom…your testing shows that you are one smart kid. (we’re still baffled as to where you got all that smart, your dad is pretty sure its him.)

*you are always thinking of other people’s feelings. (even your pesky younger brother when he’s bugging you)

*you make friends easily. you have a few kids you like to run with even after being here for only 4 months you have a pretty tight little group.

*you want to play basketball and possibly football and soccer.

*you love to go everywhere on your ripstick.

*your favorite food in the world is mexican, but all you like about it is burritos and tacos.

*you have a quick sense of humor, that can throw your whole family into laughter.

*you are very sentimental.

*you are a cat person.

*your two younger siblings look up to you, and your older brother likes to hang with you.

*you seek opportunities to help others.

you are a blessing in our lives. you make me look like a great parent, and i appreciate that. i hope you enjoy your own special day. we love you and we hope you have a wonderful birthday.

and yup tacos for dinner.

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