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V and Co: this week in gratitude


V and Co. homemade apple pie getting ready to be baked

i love this week.

every year it doesn’t matter where we are this week is my favorite. i love thanksgiving. i don’t know if it’s the food or the fact that its one of the ONLY holidays i don’t feel pressured into buying stuff other than the food that is going to be shared with my family and friends around a dinner table to remember to give thanks. oh don’t worry dept stores i’ll still stimulate the economy by buying my kids a toy or two, for what you keep trying to make us think christmas is all about. but for one more week i get to relax and enjoy the the best time of the year where i get to purge my closets of toys, clothes, and some collected things that really aren’t necessarily needing to be in my house, and donate them to those who might need them or to the salvation army. i think the best part about this process is that we usually give away more than we buy in this next season of christmas and birthdays.

i am grateful for children that are happy and appreciate the toys they have and do not have problems letting go of toys to give to others who might need them. we’ve been doing this since before we had kids. it’s helped keep at bay clutter and keeps cleaning out stuff that much easier.

a few things i’m grateful for (because it’s the week to gush over these things, and then we can go back to being sarcastically creative):

*a spouse that supports me and loves me and makes me laugh till i pee my pants and sometimes at my own expense.

*children that for the most part aside from being boogers here and there, are good kids, want to be helpful, and are willing (with a little bit of whining) to work together as a family to make this household work.

*jobs that both my husband and i have that are enough to provide for all of our necessities.

*friends and family that understand and are willing to love us despite our shortcomings and or the sarcastic smart mouthed responses that come back at them at times.

*a religion that helps us remember the most important things in this life: faith and family.

*all the wonderful places we’ve called home, they have brought us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and who have formed wonderful memories we will always cherish. (we love and miss you, and i’m sure you do the same at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves, if you can’t stand us i’m grateful that you have decided to keep that little bit of info to yourself.)

*and well of course i’m grateful for this little spot in the world wide web, that’s given me so much in return, in friendships, laughter, anxiety, opportunities, encouragement, and well a place to show off my passions in creating and my struggles/love of being a mother and wife.

* and i’ll say it again because i’ve said it before and it would be wierd if i didn’t say it because i really am truly grateful for this one:

i’m grateful i’m not Heidi Montag who married that weirdo Spencer who i don’t even know what they are doing now because i’ve moved past watching the hills (wait it’s not on any more is it? if it is what on earth can they still be talking about?)

edited: OH MY GOSH heidi and spencer are still around. heaven help our society.

okay well i’m off to do more important things than to waste time on reading up on heidi and spencer, oh and btw i’m grateful for those of you who come read and come back and read and like what i do.

ps: i guess the sarcastic was still there minus the crafty…but we’ll return to the sarcastic with the crafty soon. now go be grateful somewhere.

we’ll talk soon