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V and Co: cookbook for a cause


with all my crazy going on this summer i meant to blog about this weeks ago…BUT better late than never!

how does she says:

After seeing the devastation in Japan, several top blogs teamed together wanting to somehow make a difference. More than 50 blogs donated one of their favorite recipes to be compiled into an incredible cookbook designed by chickabug (design talent was 100% donated as well). Basically a lot of people worked really hard to make something extraordinary. Now, it’s in your hands to make a difference.

This one-of-a-kind cookbook was originally only going to be offered as an E-book for a $10 donation. But after receiving feedback from readers, we realized that many of you want a physical copy. We approached our favorite publisher, Paper Coterie, who was willing to donate 100% of the supplies, and 100% of the cost of printing for this amazing cause

The E-book is for sale here for a $10 donation.
The hard cover cookbook is also available, (wait for it…) for only $10.

um ahem…btw i’m one of those contributors.
so seriously, go and get one, it’ll be one of the best $10 donations you and your family will taste! and yeah, it’s for a great cause.

it makes me happy to know i was a part of this great cooking book. thanks ladies for all the hard work that went into this book!

hey ps: monday we’re having our first “i’m back at blogging” giveaway. here’s a hint…it’s fabric, it’s a bundle, it’s solid, and it rhymes with “SKONA” if you can’t figure it out well you might want to come on monday anyways because the rest of you that guessed it, know it’s pretty sweet. see you monday.