we survived


the first day of school went off without a hitch. as excited i was about all of them going to school prior to today…i cried after sending off each of my boys on the buses, and again when dropping off katie at pre-school. i even yelled after the 7 year old that i loved him as the door was closing on the bus and all the other children were sitting staring at me.
how embarrassing.
everyone came home, happy as can be and when asked what the best part of school was our 7 year old said “i get three recesses” the 9 year said “you get choices at the lunch line.” and the 11 year old said “my history teacher is awesome, she said if we go on vacation we just need to tell her ahead of time so she will make sure not to give us homework.”

okay well as long as we walked away from school with the important things to be excited about, i guess we can move on and have a great rest of the year. :/

uh no picture…cause i was apparently bipolar with my emotions of excitement and crying…but i do have this more recent picture of the kids taken by this gal

and i’m also here to say starting tomorrow im no longer in summer mode and i’m opening up comments. oh and i made something. nothing huge. but a good little warm up tutorial.
welcome back to our regularly scheduled program…whatever that means.
we’ll talk soon 🙂

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