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V and Co:driving across america part 2


day 1

day who the heck knows

sorry i meant to do my part two sooner than now. BUT, we’ve registered kids in school, we’ve unpacked most of our boxes, we’ve figured out most of the roads and places we need to get to…and we are adjusting quite nicely here in iowa. so week one has gone by great. long, but great.
we did hit one major milestone today: we mowed the lawn, and started our saturday routines. it’s huge because we’ve not really had that normalcy in so long…i think we were all craving it.

okay so i mentioned in my last post that jake and i got walkie talkie’s for our trip. well, they play a major part in our second act of “driving across america”
someplace in the middle of the united states (nebraska maybe? i can’t remember) we stop at a gas station and it aint no ordinary gas station, no it’s one of those gas stations that has showers and all the works for all the truckers traveling on I-80.
jake and i take turns going to the bathroom with boys going first and then katie and i going afterward so we can get drinks for everyone as well.

katie and i do our thing and then proceed to roam around the food mart area, all of a sudden my ears perk up because i think i hear in the faint distance:
bleep bleep: “siraco taco jr, trying to contact big mama’s car…do you copy?”

me: what? no. wait…what?
i move closer to the counter area where i think i hear the chatter and yup sure enough:
bleep bleep: “hehehe this is big mama’s car we copy! over!” apparently the gas station has radio frequency that they can hear cv’s and in our case our walkie talkies.

i want to run and tell the kids to stop because EVERYONE in this food mart is listening to siraco taco jr, and big mama’s car chatter about who knows what… but i already have half the drinks in my arms and i look around and scurry to get the rest of what i need, only to start hearing the “bleep bleeping” going off like every other second.
by the time i get to the counter my children are literally arguing over the walkie talkies
bleep bleep: NATE! dad said to quit playing on the walkie talkie!”
bleep bleep: whatever, you always try to get me in trouble!”
bleep bleep: NATE! STOP IT!”

Clerk 1 says to no one in particular: “okay kids move your jibber jabbering someplace else. quit taking up the air space.”
Clerk 2 (the one helping me) says back: do you hear them? they’re arguing now.

me:(nervous high pitch laugh)”HAHAHAHAhahaha! yeah, KIDS.” (scoff) “seriously? whoskidsarethoseanyways?” (talking really fast and garbling my words together) i mean, where are the parents? or say the one parent left behind in charge?! that’s just obnoxious! HAHAHahahaha!

they both stare at me for a moment and give me a weird look and then continue to do what they were doing.
i give the clerk my money and grab katie’s hand in one hand and mumble something like “those kids need to learn to shut their mouths.”
well apparently katie heard that and yelled as we crossed the parking lot to the car and moving van “BOYS!!! SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!!!!”
i stop dead in my tracks. look down at her, she smiles up at me. i roll my eyes and proceed to walk briskly to the car, open the door and catch nate in mid sentence:
“siracoooo…. ooooh hey mom! i was just…”
“give me the walkie talkie.”
he hands it over, and it takes me a little bit of time to make sure the redness of my face goes down, and i calmly explain that i and EVERYONE inside the food mart and who knows how many truckers heard them siracco taco-ing and big mama-ing on the air waves.
“OH. i see. oops.”
yeah ooops.
jake of course is finding it hilarious and laughing…which i in turn start laughing as well, but when the boys start laughing i give them a dirty look.
they quickly quiet down.
that’s right.
big mama knows how to bring it.

ps i’m going to bring out the sewing machine again soon. i have a couple of things to show you that i’ve worked on throughout the summer…and with kids going back to school soon, i’m going to have the little bit of time to do it again…
and yes, i’ll be opening comments again…but it’s been a nice break from needing to leave comments right? or do you like to comment? hmmm that is the question.

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