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V and Co: driving across america


for the summer months i’ll be blogging here and there with a few pics of what we’re up to. i’ll be closing comments so that i can focus mainly on my family and this special and rare occasion of having my WHOLE family at home. you can still contact me via email, facebook, or twitter. please feel free to! and we’ll “talk” more on the blog after the summer months! thanks so much!

well. we made it to our new home state. oh crap did we make it. what a ride. we’re here but still under a mountain of boxes and trying to figure out our life…and eating out almost every meal because we have no refrigerator. it comes tomorrow thankfully.

on our first day my wonderful husband turned 36.
and i completely forgot till about 10 am to wish him a happy birthday.
we had been up since 3:30 am so seriously 7 hours of being around each other awake, and i totally missed the mark.
but i had good reason.

our day went a little like this:
3:30 wake up
4:00 kids all awake and jake and i chasing the cat down to get a liquid pill of bendryl in her mouth to help her be “calm”
4:15 jake holding down and being mauled by the cat’s claws as i squeeze the pill in the cat’s mouth
4:16 all of us watching with open mouths and in awe as the cat foams from the mouth and transforms from a happy patient cat to an angry feral beast of a cat trying to get the “poison” out of her mouth.
4: 20 giving up trying to get her to eat anything with benedryl in it or even getting close to her to try to give her more…and literally stuffing the cat inside the cat crate as the husband gets new gashes up and down his arms trying to get the cat in.
4:30 get the kids the dog and the last luggage in the car…gingerly place the angry, still foaming and growling cat in the cab of the truck.
4:31 drive away and test out walkie-talkies
4:32 husband decides we need road names, he picks “siracco taco” and he assigns me “big mama”

span forward to about 10 am “siracco taco” walkie talkies “big mama” that we need to let the cat and the dog do some business. we roll into a pet friendly rest stop and i park next to the moving van and look over only to see the cat pop its head up over the window from the husband’s lap. he looks at me and explains “yeah, at about 7 i couldn’t take the meowing anymore, so i let her out of the crate, and well i’ve basically been wearing her as a hat for the last three hours.”

10: 05 place the cat in a cat harness with a leash attached to it (yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds) and place her on the ground next to the cat litter only to find out that the harness to our cat equals the same as being scared to the fainting goats.
never heard of the fainting goats? need a visual of our cat? watch this to get an idea:

literally she went stiff as a board and fell on her side refusing to move. so we waited and sat and watched and nothing. we did laugh though.
10:25 we pile in our car, and jake the cat and nate pile in the moving truck, leaving the cat out of the crate and bringing in the kitty litter in the cab of the truck just in case she decided to go.

as we leave i kept thinking how much i love laughing with that man. how much we have fun, and how often he makes me feel better. and just like that a light bulb went off.
10:26 “this is big mama to siracco taco, do you copy?”
“go ahead big mama”
“hey, happy birthday…sorry i forgot to say that till now”
“i love you”
“yeah i love you too”
“big mama over and out.”
oh and yeah
12:25 “sirocco taco to big mama do you copy?”
“big mama to siracco taco i copy go ahead”
“somebody went tinkle!!!! over and out.”

the cat spent the rest of the 2 day trip on jake’s lap.

siracco taco, sorry your birthday sucked, next year we’ll have to make it better.
big mama over and out.