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well many of you are already making the bracelets. yay! some of you have mentioned that using an old t-shirt totally works…YAY! but some of you have mentioned you didn’t have any place to get jersey material…BOO. but here’s the deal i have enough fabric of each color pictured above to make a few kits.
so if you want it you can order your kit here. all three colors are available (while supplies last).
aqua=SOLD OUT thank you!
gray=SOLD OUT thank you!
mustard yellow=SOLD OUT thank you!

now remember when i showed you my new dining room table and chairs? yeah, and i didn’t know what color to paint the “EAT” well many of you suggested and i decided to go with metallic silver.
a little too blah for you…sorry it ain’t your house. it’s mine, so shut it… ha!
actually to tell you the truth…i can’t decide if i love it or just am okay with it. someday’s i really like it…other days it just looks like cardboard letters spray painted silver. (btw for those of you who asked where i got my letters at jo ann’s but not every joanns carry’s them, i found mine at the draper, ut one while visiting my mother-in-law) they have the whole alphabet…and you will see when i show you the kids rooms…that i uh went a little crazy and got one for each kid’s initial. i have a vision, and for $9.99 it’s a good size wall art. and yes the husband still wants “poop” in the bathroom over the toilet.

aaaaand we may have woken up to snow AGAIN yesterday, but in my kitchen spring will be a happening soon.
from home depot i bought this kit of herbs with bio-degradable pots. again for just around $9 not a bad buy…and well a little bit of a happy maker on my window sill all the while i yell “poop!” out at the snow through the window. gosh we say “poop” a lot. hmmm.

also a a little tidbit of exciting info: my oldest child (the one i wrote a novel about here) got a 100…wait for it…and 5% on his social studies test. proud happy tears were had by all. we seem to be making a little bit of progess in some areas and huge leaps and bounds in others. 🙂

have a great weekend.
i’m working on another sewing project. lets see if i can beat the clock before the kiddos get home today. but katie’s not feeling so good…so i don’t know how this all will play out…but…
if so…maybe monday?
we’ll talk soon.

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