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ReSew by Jenny Cardon


so i guess it’s my turn to talk about this cute book coming out soon!
ReSew is for the gal who likes to go to the second hand store find a treasure with a bigger picture in mind of modifying their find into something fun and just perfect.
the creator of the book Jenny Cardon is super cute and super nice. you can read more about this author here

in this book you will find: how to make handbags, scarves, a plush toy, and a ton of outfits!
there are two particular projects in this book that i’m itching to try, (and most likely will this summer in between being at the pool) first is this awesome rug made out of jeans…i’m thinking i may even try some different colored jeans for this project! and guess what i can probably attempt making it at the pool!!!

and then this quilt just looks and i can already tell…feels sooo comfy and warm. perfect for the afternoon chill while swinging on the porch swing, or to take to the beach.

stay tuned to see what i make and how it turns out. i think that quilt is calling my name first though.
so what do you think? the quilt or the rug first?

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