why i keep doing what i do


since i could remember i was making stuff.
i really like it. you could almost say i love it. yeah, i would say i love it a lot.
but, one thing is making stuff and enjoying it yourself and then there’s this really cool thing of having others kind of like the stuff you make too. (and kind of scary as well)

BUT the best part about creating stuff (for me) is giving instructions, and sitting back and watching others create stuff and start to have the same passion to make stuff too.
this is why i continue to do what i do.
i LOVE to see you guys get so excited that you created something all because i gave a few instructions on how i got the final product.

like take for example my houndstooth quilt. i’m starting to get emails, tweets and comments saying “i’m almost done!!!” or “it was an easy pattern to follow!” or “i love it!” to all of you, i say: “SWEET! show me pictures!!!”
take kelli for example.
kelli has finished my houndstooth quilt…she made this her trial run…of for what you say? she’s working up the nerve to make it into a king size for her bed. kelli you go for it. and when you do i’ll shout from the mountain tops of how cool it looks on your bed.

one place that i’ve not been going to and showing off too much these days (sorry! i’ll be try to be better) is the V and Co. flicker page.
i went there this weekend and was floored with how many projects have been uploaded!
here are just a few:
Heart Pillow

slfarn made this pillow using my gathered heart pillow tutorial


anna from noodlehead made this bracelet using my fabric bracelet pdf pattern

Baby Doll Quilt

the crafty cupboard using my baby doll quilt tutorial made this little quilt.

Baby Girl Quilt

the crafty cupboard again. her version of my moda bake shop baby girl quilt


bubbly 817 made her adorable bag using my favorite bag pdf file with the fabric flower attachement

oh and you guys love that eat, play sleep, repeat quilt i made for the moda bake shop. yes you do.
here’s a cute one by lindsey hines

Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

from scott and laura hilton i’m loving the baby shot on the blankie!
Lake Orta Romance Rings

the sewing princess’s ring using my fabric flower ring tutorial


mompsyd1 added some flower power using my satin flower tutorial

cinderella skirt
cinderella skirt 3

make it your own took my argyle scarf pdf and created her own idea of an adorable little skirt for her daughter!

so guys thanks for making my part time job away from my full time job as a mom, cleaner of messes, wiping up pee from the toilet extraordinaire, that much more enjoyable.

here’s to another season of creating.
we’ll talk soon.

ps i’m almost done working on that “other stuff” i keep talking about so i’ll be able to focus on the blog again. promise.

oh and pps! check out the moda bake shop’s giveaway grand prize winner! lucky girl