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before and somewhat after


this last week was spent in chaos as the house kept unraveling a little more with each box being opened. but i have an end in sight now. at least all boxes except for 5 have been unpacked and done something with two of the other boxes are books that need to go in the book shelf that will not be put in place till the husband (aka the super anal one that has to have this next thing mentioned done before i can put the books in the book case away) paints the baseboard so he never has to move it again to finish painting the baseboards (even if they look totally okay and i’m not that worried about them but whatever).
i can’t believe it’s been less than two weeks since we moved the first box actually inside the house. most things are done. but nothing has been put up on the walls. okay lie a few smaller sized things here put up…but the rest of it still leans against the wall where eventually it will make it up someday…hopefully soon.

here’s a before of the master bedroom:

the after:
with a light shade of blue called some thing along the lines of “cloudy day or something or other”

you can’t see it in the picture but there’s a poison control sticker on my side table and writing in pen that says “nathan’s lizard” and “do not feed” with a picture of a hand being bitten by a lizard and a slash through it. and i racked my brain and then searched for this post and you probably come up with the same assumptions that this was the time that those warnings were written.
before the living room:

now still in progress living room:
but still an end in sight.

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