coming together


i mentioned a while a go that i was re-decorating. trying to bring a more “fresh” look. a little more modern but still country loft. i don’t know if that’s what i’ve acomplished but whatever the case i like it more and more as i S-L-O-W-L-Y change things as i make them.
this little pillow was made using my heat transfer tutorial and using the silhouette to cut out my design.
when i finished it i kept thinking “hmm wouldn’t that make a cute bottom half of a skirt for a little girl? i may just try it out using my bandana skirt tutorial.

see my new dandelion spray painted custom art i made with my silhouette? yup it’s being displayed up above my piano and it gives me a great piece of art with clean lines. (ahem, also notice the little monkey on the table making a somersault into my picture? a kid threw it right as i was taking a picture. i caught it in the shot as it was sliding across at full speed. it’s a miracle i don’t have more things broken on a more regular basis. scratch that. i DO have things broken on a regular basis. this summer we’ve had hardly any breaks because we’ve been at the pool every day. knock on wood i just jinxed myself…coming up soon a post on how saying you haven’t had anything broken in a while will make the “break things in your house” gods get angry because you got cocky…)
the next big change was that round mirror over on the left side. i have been eyeing magazines and have absolutely fallen in love with round mirrors. so when i was up in the big city last weekend, i just happened to take the kiddos to ROSS dress for less to see if there were any shoes or clothes for them there…we by chance went by the home section and this mirror was tucked in the back. i was ecstatic! the price on it was $39.99. which is still a good bargain, but i noticed that the back had a rip and looked to see if i could find another mirror just the same. there was not another one like it. so i took it up and thought what the heck…i asked the cashier if she could give me a discount because there was a rip and it was the only one. she gave me 25% off the thing and i walked away paying only $30 for that lovely huge mirror. i think it adds a great feel to the room.
yeah i think it’s coming along quite nicely.
have a great friday the 13th!