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the perfect day


in attempt to simplify my life i’ve decided that having a cleaning schedule that starts from the minute we finish breakfast till about 10 am everyday would be a great start to tackle the house simplifying part. this summer i finally got back to it. it’s a routine i’ve done for years (and yes i’ve started to right a few posts on it…i just have to keep typing out the ideas as i get a few minutes here and there, so expect that sometime soon) but as of late it seems to of taken the back burner as other things and needs kept getting added more and more in my life.
but like i said, i’m getting back to the basics.
so we’ve seen our household chores actually getting done and not only that, but because we get the daily chore and the everyday stuff done by 10 am mon thru fri…we’ve actually opened up the rest of the day to do whatever we want.
yesterday was the epitome of the perfect day for me.
*chores were done at record speed. so we added a few unexpected chores.
*the weather was in the high 80s low 90s. that makes my crankies go away for sure.
* went to the pool most of the day. tired children, clean house behind, awesome situation.
* appliqued while kiddos swam themselves tired in the pool. that means i’ll be able to do a shop update in the “near sometime” future
*got to talk and laugh with other mommies at the pool. so i don’t forget how to talk to adults.
*it was thursday so it was pizza night…i didn’t have to cook.
*10 year old got his webelos. holy crap the kid is getting old
* on our way home from scouts i took this picture of katie. i’m going to frame it.
sigh…i love summer.
this weekend looks like it’s going to be a promising one as well. i’ll make sure to take pictures.
who knows i may even get some more appliqueing done while the husband we watch a guy movie.
i’m such an awesome wife.

have a great weekend.
we’ll talk soon.