word vomit


okay i need to say this.
so bear with me.
i’ve been simplifying. that’s been the name of the game this summer.
not only have i simplified my extra curricular activities (aka trying to keep up with the ever super duper fast paced tutorial blogging world), but i’m using this time to simplify my life all around and return to the core basics.
that means:
i’ve returned to exercising daily, that means i’ve returned to dejunking my house from the inside out on a weekly basis(my kitchen feels the most organized at the moment), that means i’ve been going places with my kids…just because we have time to kill, that means i’ve started picking up a book and reading it, that means i’ve spent too much time in the yard with the husband because he’s good at gardening and i’m not but i’ll be supportive which opens up a ton of quality and lovely times as a couple, that means i’ve been spending less time in front of the computer and seeing what’s going on in the blogging world and spending more time with my family having lazy afternoons and sitting and watching my kids grow right before my eyes. that means i’m reclaiming and going back to who i am.

i’ve decided you have a right to see the other sides of me…and not just the “here’s another tutorial for you” me.

my kitchen with less things on surfaces

so what that means is i’m going to go back to blogging about… well just sometimes lame things and whatever comes to mind that day. right now at this very moment i would probably do a whole post on how awesome it feels to be on a house cleaning schedule again and how awesome it feels to try to teach my kids to clean, fold laundry, and organize. how insanely rewarding it is to say to the boys “clean your room” and they know what is expected and they can actually follow through with it and consider it a normal and valid request. that also may mean that i’ll blog about trying to decorate my house, and how i’m trying to figure out exactly what look i’m trying to achieve at the moment and how frustrating it was when i decide after 10 years of trying to achieve one look… all of a sudden start thinking “i don’t know if i like that anymore.”

trying to decide what to paint my walls

so yes, a little soul searching has been had this summer. i knew something had to change when i started to have a love hate relationship with blogging. as in i loved to see the #s go up, but i hated how i knew what i needed to do to keep them going up. so i started letting that dictate what i did. i thought so many times about quitting this little corner of the cyber world, but i knew that i would miss it and all of you tremendously.
so i’m going back to the basics.
oh i’ll still create new tutorials, and i’m in the middle of starting like a bazillion new patterns because i’ve been drawing new ideas out like crazy…but i’m not doing it for the #’s anymore, and i’m not doing it so i can get it out before anyone else does, i’m just going to create because i love it.. i hope not much will change on your side, but lots is changing on my side. it feels rather liberating really, and i really can’t wait to show you some of the stuff i’ve been creating to waste the time at the pool.
have a great weekend.
i know i will.
we’ll talk soon.
ps next week we’ll have a giveaway.