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weekend sewing: katie’s new dress


so this weekend the husband was gone. i know rotten on father’s day weekend. nothing bad happened thank heavens. we went to the pool twice, and cleaned hard core. the boys even mowed the lawn.
we have a lot of lawn.
i was feeling pretty good about how clean the house finally got that i pulled out the ol sewing machine and started her up. she was getting kind of lonely thinking i was mad at her. but really i’ve just not been feeling myself. but i made up for it by making this cute little dress i’ve been meaning to make in the heather ross book: weekend sewing.
instead of fabric i used a t-shirt from walmart. i think it cost $4.50…and i got an 4xl. yup didn’t know they made that size but they do.

i cut up the shirt. using the bottom half as the dress part and a little of the top part for the ties.

she likes it a lot. it’s perfect for summer.
and when it got a little cool in the evening we paired it up with her hot pink sweater. i told her she looked like strawberry shortcake. she corrected me and said “no, i’m a sen-sen (princess)” and then she continued to twirl.
i’m in a dress making kind of mood. hmmm maybe i’ll make another one. just because.
i really love summer. have i mentioned that lately? yeah? well here it is again.
i wish we had it all the time.