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a series of unfortunate events


wow thanks for the love on the bag!!! you’ve sent it to be the #2 best overall selling item over the first weekend and let me tell you that’s huge. thank you!
some of you already have finished them and are showing them off on the flicker group! ah! i’ll have to do a look at you guys go soon, it’s be somewhat chaotic over here so we’ll be doing that and we’ll be doing another link up party as well. probably in a couple of weeks.
i have a few more patterns up my sleeve but everything needs to be paced, as we are now in summer vacation mode. yup, you read it right, my kids are now home 24/7.
with me…right under my nose.
so, much will be done outside of the home just to keep some kind of sanity in my life.
i’m just sayin that these next few months may be more about my fam and a little less about crazy crafting. but you never know the crafting usually finds itself in there as well.

so about last week.
lets just say i was in a series of unfortunate events movie. or so it felt. i’ll set the scene of the first unfortunate event:

it’s sunday and i’ve just spent a weekend at quilt market, i’m still off my high of the whole thing, i’m in the airport after checking in bags and i’m sitting reading a book. i’m a little parched and think to myself:
“i have a long day of travels ahead of me, might as well treat myself to some diet coke WITH caffeine.”
so i go to the McDonald’s right around the corner from my gate and i think “wow how lucky! it’s right here! i didn’t even have to go very far, my luck is so good this week!”

as i walk away from getting my drink (which by the way they didn’t have any medium cups left so they bumped me up to a large just like that), i pass the bathroom…and think to myself:

“hmmm might as well go now, just in case so i can sit and read and sip my drink till i have to board on the plane.”

so i get in line, and my turn happens. i walk in the stall, look around and think:

“i don’t want to put my drink or my bag on the floor…ewww…”

so i put the bag up on the hook and place the drink on the toilet paper roll container. as i get ready to hover over the toilet because ewww i don’t ever sit down, the lady in the stall next to me flushes and opens her door and slams the door shut. now this next series of things happens in slow motion: door slams my drink wabbles and tips and falls what seems like forever and hits not the floor, no it hits me on my back and as it hits my back, it explodes diet coke, and ice all over my back.

me when the diet coke hits my back

i’m pretty sure none of it hits the floor, nope it just hits me on my back and which proceeds to now run down my back. “oh….that.did.not.just.happen”
now let me point out. i don’t buy expensive clothes. like ever. because well i have kids, and i don’t have a bazillion dollars to just replace an expensive item that gets ketchup, boogers, or whatever else kids put on me on a daily basis. but i did it a month ago, i got on the jcrew website and bought myself a cute little somewhat expensive (in my world) cardigan to wear with no children around at market.
yup, you got it… i was wearing that said cardigan when the diet coke kamikaze-d itself onto my back.
of course.
okay wardrobe gods you got me, i bought something somewhere other than walmart or kmart. i’ll go back to buying my high end clothes at target.

i wipe up and mop up as much of the diet coke that i can off of me, take off the cardigan, rumage through my carry on bag and luckily find one of back up shirts.
get on the plane…
have a layover,
get on a plane again.
finally get back to my state,
go and sit at the baggage claim,
only to have everyone’s bag BUT MINE show up. i even waited till the little turning thing quit turning.

i go to the lost and found to see what happened. and there’s my bag sitting there mocking me.

i look at the woman in the lost and found dungeon and ask her “why?” she answers “because these were left behind and no one picked them up.”
yeah see my bag made it home an hour before me. yet i sat for 45 minutes wondering why my bag wasn’t showing up…when all the while it was 10 feet and one wall away the whole time.
and this ends the first chapter of the series.
to be continued…
next chapter:
“the titanic is sinking…”
we’ll talk soon.

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