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what $10 and a mid life decorating crisis will do to ya


so a couple weeks ago things got a little ugly.
let me explain:
it was 2:45 pm on a thursday afternoon and for some reason i passed my living room and thought. “UGH! i love my new to me couch…but it’s not meshing in like it should.”

so i thought “maybe if i move a few things here and there it might mesh better.”
well it started innocently enough. a frame here. a decoration there. then it got nasty.
the furniture was being moved, and the wall hangings came down.
and the decor, heaped into a sad pile in the corner.
by the time 5 pm rolled around and the husband walked through the door, i was a crying mess in a room with nothing on the walls and all the furniture moved to the middle of it.
he walked right past me not wanting to touch that with a 10 foot pole. smart man.
i went to bed feeling defeated and lost.
the next day i had a friend come over and help me put all the furniture back where it originally was (minus a few things here and there). but i didn’t put back any of the wall hangings up.
and i was okay with that.
time for change again.
i need new things. but i don’t necessarily have money to re-decorate everything in that room. and oh yeah wasn’t i suppose to be focusing on the boy’s room?

so next time i had to go to the box store…i set off to home depot as well. (we just got one a few years ago.)
“i need curtains!” i said. and well you know me. i don’t just go and buy curtains…so i bought a two pack of drop cloths for less than $10. and because the two drop cloths were pretty big i cut each of them in half.
thus being able to make two sets of curtains for under $10.
yup, my new living room curtains (and soon to also be new boys’ bedroom curtains) cost me aprox $4.50 ish per set.

and i’m going to “try” to make some art for my bare walls.
a little more pottery barnish. slash V and Co ish.
are you ready for a new adventure?
i may just fall flat on my face. but at least you’ll know Not to do it if i do.
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