my new design for a pillow


created just like my other pillows here and here, this is my way of designing exactly what i want for the look i’m going for.
oh but why am i making new slip covers do you ask?
this slip covered pillow was created … *drum roll please*
for my new to me…
leather couch.
yes, remember when i whined talked about wanting leather couches and not being able to part with the money that i had saved up for it? hmmm? yes, well little miss heather emailed me right after that post and started flooding my email inbox with leather couches found on ksl classified.
and instantly with the first one she sent a link to, i fell in love, not just with the look (it’s EXACTLY what i was looking for) but with the price as well.
yes, ladies i got that couch for $145.

if you knew me in person when i got my other couches (they were new 12 years ago) then you would know, and understand why, my nickname that my husband gave me for the the first 10 years of our marriage was “couch Nazi”. i do not do well with “new and nice” things lets just leave it at that.

so this new to me couch may have a few cat scratches, and yes, it has been loved by two other families..but it’s perfect for me. our family.
so heather, thank you so much, and my family thanks you too, because we got a nice enough couch, but not too nice that i start twitching every time the kids or the husband come within 4 feet of it.

come monday we will be having our monthly sponsored giveaway. trust me you’ll want it.
have a good weekend.
we’ll talk soon.
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