happy hallows eve


from our house to yours.

katie trying on her “sen sen” costume…the boys will be clone troopers…of course.

today i’m off to make some pumpkin soup (wish me luck), avoid the super cold weather, completely ignore the “hellish white fluffy stuff that has fallen out of the sky to bring on seasonal depression” also known as “snow”, and gorge myself with some candy while the kids aren’t looking.
here’s to bringing on la-la land that winter is seriously not just around the corner and knocking on my door, by eating and crafting myself into happiness.
no seriously.

ps: someone sent me an email (which i lost, or deleted by accident…BIG SURPRISE..sorry!)
about my twig ball and where i got it that was in the third picture in this post. well the answer to that is they were in the garden section at walmart on clearance in a package for outside lighting (better homes and garden. I took them off the white (Christmas) lights. and use them through out my house.

there is a warning though: if you buy these i will not be held responsible for children (specifically boys) that will take one look at these and think “hmmm baseball? ooooooh yeeeeah” because believe me it will happen.

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