best second hand find (in my eyes)


i got to go this past week to the second hand store.
when i got there. i instantly spotted this little wood hutch.
i think i pooped my pants when i saw it.
not really, but i was that excited.
we brought it home after i paid the $25 that they asked for it.

i immediately started to play with re-arrange her kitchen and set it up. i then made this cute little banner with the vintage sheets i have in my collection. this is how i made it.

all i need now is cute pink glass knobs and i think i’ll be in heaven.
i’m trying to update my shop sometime next week. i’ll let you know when. expect kits for these mini-banners and some new down loadable patterns!
have a great labor day weekend!!!

see you next week!

ps i just uploaded some great green fat quarter bundles, or some fabric perfect for fall and some more here and here
yes i have a problem i have too much fabric for my own good

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