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small town fair


this last week(end) was the middle of nowhere’s fair.

i have to admit one thing this small town knows how to do, is it’s fair.

if you are looking for big rides and lights, huge floats and concerts…well keep on moving along cause that’s not what we do here.

nope, we have our local shops and business drive up and down the main street throwing candy at you.

that’s our parade.

if you’re lucky you get a ping pong ball with a # thrown your way…this means extra special goodies at the store where you can redeem your free drink, doughnut, or candy.

my quilt i entered in the fair

it got me 1st place whoot

and my moda bake shop strawberries got me 1st place as well as a purple ribbon for special recognition 🙂

back side of the quilt
we have a few bounce houses and local vendors selling their home made stuff.

we judge who has the largest zucchini.

and who has the prettiest tomatoes…

ladies put in quilts and kids put in their lego creations.

some of the leather work and wood work that is brought in…WOW.

pictures are taken and judged on the beautiful scenery we have all around us.

we have the rodeo and mutton bustin‘, but my favorite of them all has to be the DEMOLITION DERBY.

no not my kids but i know the kids and the mom…so if you read this uh thanks for having cute kids in cowboy hats


not the best picture but we had to keep our distance just in case.

this is what a demolition derby is:

boys (men) in super beat up cars with spray paint from a can jobs, really loud mufflers, and radiators that can be fixed up lickity split for the next round of crashing into eachother till the last car running and able to move.

oh man the derby.
where men’s true colors shine. give a man a car that he can tweek and tell them to crash the competition to be the last one standing and you are going to have some good times.

after the hamburgers and hot dogs and cotton candy is all gone, and the car’s have been destroyed and rebuilt with duct tape just to be destroyed one more time…the dust settles and the whole week ends with fireworks.
and you haven’t really seen a firework “grand finale” till you’ve gone to a small town firework grand finale in the middle of nowhere.
let me tell you.

(the giveaway’s still going go here for details)