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spray painting plates


one thing is for sure.
my house is ever changing.
and i also don’t sit for very long…BUT when i do sit…i stare around and the ‘ol brain starts a going…
sometimes this drives my husband nuts.
the question has been risen a few times: “why can’t you just let things be and be happy how they are?”
i don’t know…i guess it’s a problem if i let it be a problem, or i could just run with it and oh i don’t know keep a blog going with all my crazy-ness

i had this little plate hanging around and i had this spray paint hanging around.
the plate cost me a whopping 25 cents at the second hand store so i figured “why the heck not?…lets try something new.”
i think i like it

and i think i may just have started something new in my house…husband’s going to love that.

i’ll make sure to remind him that he’s the one that pursued me in the early stages in our courtship…that’ll teach him.

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