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in limbo


no i’m not kidding.
this is how katie’s room was painted when we moved in. and you are lucky you can’t smell through pictures cause it would knock you on your butt.katie’s room is 100% better than what it was when we first moved in. but i still feel in limbo with her room. i would love to put up white bead board and paint it a soft cream up above. but just like the rest of the house, we have to save up the money to fix it. a few other projects are in the works before we can get to this one.
since we moved her in her toddler bed i haven’t really liked how everything was situated in her room, so last week (during my week off of blogging) i decided that was going to tackle trying to find the “right” place for everything.

i’m still struggling with curtains.

i love how the nester does her curtains, but i’m not sure exactly what i’m going to do. i mean i could do a roman shade or romantic curtains that swoop and hit the ground…i just don’t know and so it sits.

i also moved her bed to where her big bed is going to be (its an antique metal frame and trust me i’m excited.)

but for now, her room will stay like this.

at least she seems to really like it.

and for it mainly being second hand and hand made stuff…

i think i can see a pretty cute future when i can spend a little bit of money on it.