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how i tried to make it better


yesterday was…how should i put it?…less than desirable.
it’s like i’ve been having a good streak and yesterday the universe decided that it needed to uh how do i put it?
hand me my rear end on a silver platter.

with the morning off to a super rough start, i ended up needing to go and buy some new sewing needles (i got 10 so that i can break 9 and still feel comfortable) then i went and bought new fabric.
just because i liked the green color.
and those look like polka dots so i thought “why the heck not.” yeah i bought the rest of the bolt. why the heck not.

i’ve also been eyeing this necklace every.single.week.
my other favorite one broke not too long ago, so there’s my justification. it was $10 and sooooo worth every penny.
why? well because when i thought my bad day that started before 7 am was starting to look up…
at the check out line at walmart…
after one whole year of avoiding her…the woman that makes me get hives:
jerry happened to me once again.
if you don’t want to read the whole dang post dedicated to just jerry let me give you a little cliffs notes if you will of “us”:
*the woman and i don’t mix. (she doesn’t know it and i would much rather have it stay that way) *i move in fast forward motion most of the time.
*she does not.
*i am known to sometimes be an “A” type personality
*she’s a “Z” type… as in snoooooo”zzzz”e
*i am no nonsense when i am shopping with my kids. i want in and out as quick as possible.
*she likes to look at and everyone else’s for that matter.
*she likes to talk to everyone she knows in line before me after me and passing by me but not to me, probably because i’m having a nervous reaction to her and break out in hives.
*she knows a whole hell of a lot of people.
*she makes my eye twitch every damn time.
this time was no different.
but lets just say this time it also included me mopping up pee off the floor because after the thirtieth time that katie screamed ” i go pee” she really did go pee.

at that point i looked up to the sky and said : okay you’ve made your point…move on already.
and i realized maybe all those times that i joked about going to hell…
really weren’t worth it.

so. okay. sorry universe.
if i promise not to joke about going to hell anymore and promise to make my bed every morning will you promise to keep jerry in the other lane?
thank you and amen.
here’s to a better day.
or a lot of alcohol.
wait i don’t drink.