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that’s what i get


by claiming today as my “super productive day in sewing.”

and by not making the bed.

i have a philosophy:

if my bed is not made.

i have a bad day.

the longer it stays unmade

the longer my bad luck and mood continues.

so far my 2 kids left at home have spilled two bowls of cereal, have managed to dump out all the crayons and color pencils to create right along with me (i don’t really mind that one), and have decided that today is the day that they will not get along.

i’ve broken 2 sewing needles, have unpicked my project like a bazillion times, and now am tracking sticky sugary cereal all over the rest of my clean floors. as i type this i have a super squirmy two year old who keeps pressing random keys.

didn’t know my computer could do so many different things with the touch of just one key.


so you win bed gods.

i’ll go make my bed.

and then i’m off to the big town 45 minutes away

so i can continue along my super productive day.


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