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to the women in my life


picture taken at my bridal shower in 1998
from left to right:
cousin alba luz, aunt bertha, cousin pam, my mom, cousin tania, me, aunt elba, and my grandma.

i just want to give a shout out to the women in my family who basically raised me as one of their own. either as a daughter or as little sister.

who call me and pray for me and laugh at my stupid jokes. seriously you guys are my rocks and i appreciate your love and kindness.

thank you for you and thank you for being an example of what a strong mother/daughter/sister is.
and mom

and to my mother in law who basically adopted me as a daughter (and personally likes me more than her son sometimes) i give you the shout out of thank you as well for creating a son that respects women and takes my BS pretty well.

and what would i be without you bloggers? you laugh and cry with me, and you guys keep thinking i’m funny and buy my stuff in my shop.

dude i love you guys
now go buy yourself something nice and put my name on it.

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