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hand made goodness…for little girls. felt food is one of my big time obsessions. i can’t get enough of it, i’m working on making some patterns of my own because i see that there are a lot of felt food out there, but not many patterns. the strawberries were my first attempt at making felt something or other last summer . remember when i showed you these milk bottles a while ago? they are still by far one of my favorite second hand finds and i love that they are solid wood and that they look so dang cute in her kitchen.this little kitchen is made out of all odd pieces of wood that were hanging out in my shop, my wonderful friend who just has a knack for making things helped me make the little one’s kitchen sink and oven…and here’s something you probably don’t know about me…i’m an 85% to 95%-er. what does that mean? oh well do you see all those staples just hanging out there for all to see? yeah i’m suppose to put ric rac or ribbon over that…it’s been a year since i made it but lo and behold there is sits ALMOST done… and there you have it the definition of what an 85% to 95%-er is. i’m also suppose to make a fridge to go with the whole kitchen…maybe this summer.

this yummy doll quilt was made out of scraps from the little one’s baby blanket…one of her favorites as well as mine.

and apparently this is what happens when mom goes out to lunch with some friends. GI Joe husband chuckled as i walked thorough the door and said “you have to see the picture i took of the little one.” i asked if she was throwing a fit in the picture and he then replied “uh, no that’s your daughter out cold on the floor after “cooking.” apparently you and she have more in common than you thought…you both have the attitude that cooking is hard and exhausting.” ha.ha.ha.

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