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before GI joe came home


i made these two matching aprons, one for me and one for the little one. but not without the help and companionship’s of this lady and this lady. we’ve only met a a few times before they came down here to spend the weekend with me, but we knew from the start that we could be great friends. i love when you find friends you can be yourself with, laugh, cry, spill secrets too, show your not so attractive side to, and STILL end up walking away not being able to wait till the next time we get to do that again! ladies it was a blast. thank you for keeping me busy the last few days before GI Joe husband came home.

after picking up GI Joe husband and we finally got to come back to the middle of nowhere (we call home sweet home) there were yellow ribbons and flags (yes there were more than a few) in our front yard. love this community. seriously, if you ever get to live out in the middle of nowhere this should be the middle of nowhere you head to.

i do find it funny how i didn’t really realize how tired i was through out this whole deployment. i mean i knew i was tired, and very spent, but now that’s he’s here, i find the feeling of needing to sleep for days and days and days. i think the adrenalin has finally worn off of “i’m all the kids got so i have to keep this going.” i’m really tired, and so is he…but we have a little while before he has to go back to the job he left behind. i think we’ll be chilaxing for a bit.

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