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’twas the day before thanksgiving…


and there’s Christmas all through the house…my kids think i’m crazy, or maybe just a louse…

i’m making pumpkin pies for us to devour…i’ll be baking and putting up christmas lights ’till probably wee morning hours…

things i’m grateful for:

*freedom to practice whatever religion i please

*freedom to walk down the street unafraid

*wonderful running water, and flushing toilets

*a working fridge, oven, and microwave!

*and the ability to control the temp in my house

*the patience and love, and forgivness that my kids give me

*loving and being happy with the man i married

*getting through trials and being able to look at them and say “hind sight is 20/20”

*this “deployment year” almost being over

*being able to defend our freedom first hand (go GI joe husband go!)

*the two hours of quiet i get at night when the noise makers i call my children are fast asleep

*good health (thanks mom for the good genes)

*a hell of a good sense of humor (because without it i’d cry a lot more)

*friends and extended families

the list could go on and on but i’ll do only two more

i’m SUPER grateful:

*that i’m not heidi montag and that i didn’t just make a huge mistake by marrying the devil’s spawn we like to call spencer. seriously moronic move even for her.

*and lastly my flat iron because without it, i’d look like a Q tip.

happy thanksgiving

ps: capitals are over rated

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