tutorial in the near future…


flowers from GI joe husband for my birthday (NOT FROM MY ARCHIVES!)

so my wonderful friends come to my aid again. lets see, i have a borrowed sewing machine, a borrowed microwave (oh yeah forgot to mention that yet another thing that i use every single day is broken too! lets just hope things come in threes!) and now a borrowed camera. so i’m going to use this weekend to create a tutorial on a nine patch (which by the way my quilt in almost done). this weekend will be a slow paced one. i’ve come to long for weekends probably as much as the kids do. weekends mean no having to wake up the kids for school, no homework, no gym, no hustling and bustling. yes, friday night and saturday day are my favorite days of the week.

so have a good one and i’ll see you on monday with a tutorial if all goes well!