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they say it’s my birthday…


so lets have all the pictures be about me shall we? went to the football game… had a hard time figuring out who i was rooting for… BYU? husband’s school, and the cause of all of our student loans…or SDSU? i mean i never went there but i’m from there…felt kind of bad for san diego state, they got beat pretty bad, but GOOOO COUGARS!

i bet they are so excited to come home to that!
ate chinese food and had some fun times with girls…obviously we don’t get out much, because we act like idiots when we do.
burg, i promised i would put a better one of us so here it is.

i got christmas shopping almost done for the kids, and i did manage to hit a fabric store, only to walk away not buying anything because if i got started i wouldn’t of stopped, and i have to keep my promise to myself of trying to dwindle down the pile i got already going before i stock up, it was hard, but i did it anyways.

also i love tai pan, and IKEA so stinkin much that i’m greatful i don’t have them near me. but my love for TARGET still holds true…every time i walk in there it’s like disneyland for me. and i’m REALLY greatful i don’t have one of those for over 3 hours away from me!

thank you to my wonderful friends, and family who made my weekend wonderful. thank you to the girls who took my children so i could go to the game, and christmas shopping without them, (i actually had the opportunity to miss them…sort of).

and what are my plans for the day? nothing much out of the ordinary, that was all taken care of this weekend. i really want to curl up in bed all day and finish reading all the books i got from the library so i can start all the ones i bought at the bookstore, but there’s laundry to be folded, kids to feed and care for, projects to continue plugging away at, emails to finally start answering (i promise i’ll get back to all of you that have questions for me!) and homework to be tackled…but i do have one thing going differently for me today…any lip or attitude from my kids or ANYONE for that matter, and i can say “HEY, it’s my birthday, so quit it!” who can argue with that? now THAT is AWESOME.

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