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meet “barbara”, the loan-er


so GI joe husband and i had a conversation the other night and it went a *little* like this: (i MAY have taken some liberty in my creative writing. and he MAY not of said EXACTLY what i’ve written)

GI joe husband: hey so i read the blog cause i am totally into reading your blog and hold my breath till the next time you post, because i think you are so inspirational and funny and witty and blah blah blah…he went on for-EVER about how wonderful i was… and i saw that your sewing machine wasn’t working…what happened sweetest wife of mine?

me: oh you know, i’ve used and abused her like a $50 you know what and eventually she was gonna break.

GI joe husband: well why don’t you buy yourself another one oh beautiful wife of mine of 10 and half years who looks better each year that passes by (ha ha this is fun)

me: uh cause next time i’m buying a sewing machine, it’s going to be able to do EVERYTHING… i mean, it’s going to be able to do cute little monograms, it’s going to be able to do the blanket stitch, and if i want it to, it’ll be able to cook dinner AND help the kids with their homework. those don’t run cheap, they cost like a ba-zillion dollars. maybe i should ask bush to give me some money since he seems to think that handing out billions is a good idea.

GI joe husband:.well, just start saving up as much as you can and we’ll see what we can do…and when i come home i’ll make sure to rub your back every single night even when you don’t beg me to…

me: okay i already have some saved and working on saving some more but for now i’ve “borrowed” an older, more tired version of what i’m looking for.

so everyone meet “barbara”, i don’t know why i named her that but that’s her name okay, and she’s going to help me through my time of limbo of not having a working sewing machine…what does that mean to all of you? well nothing really but i’ll be able to finish projects again AND maybe make some more stuff for the upcoming craft fair we do here in the middle of nowhere to celebrate all the men going out of town to go deer hunting…yup you read it right, at least that’s what i was told why we do it the weekend that it’s planned… i love this town…