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back to basics:: the magazine


first off thank you guys for the past two weeks of encouraging words and kindness. i went back yesterday to the last two weeks posts…and those words were much needed. i had a really bad day yesterday, i’ll spare too many details but this time around the next day after dropping him off at the airport was harder than the first time. the first time there was a lot of crying and a headache but then it was done, this time there was no real hard crying but just emotionally i felt like i got hit by a truck pretty sure it was one of the worst days i’ve had in a long time, so i decided to take an “emotional day” and did absolutely nothing but lie in bed read magazines and feed the kids. pretty sure the tv stayed on all the live long day with cartoons on it. yes mother of the year, send your nominations this way.
but as the day went on and as i looked at old magazines i’ve realized something…i MISS reading and looking at magazines. it’s been replaced with just looking at websites of these magazines and i like it but there’s something about magazines.
so i’m going to do something that’s been a long time coming. simplifying. i’m taking time for me to be more slow…i’m going to sit and read a magazine and not just while waiting in line at the store or while i’m sitting in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school…but sometime during the day, i’m going to…

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