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our last 24 hours together…


you were right this time his leaving is harder than the first time. he leaves tomorrow morning… early morning. i’m dreading the 3 hour drive home from the airport becuase i’ll have all that time to just sit and think, i’m dreading getting used to not having around again, i’m dreading every night not watching “our shows” together or being able to talk to him right before we close our eyes, i’m dreading the kids asking “whens dad coming home?”…”have you talked to dad? is he okay?”…i’m dreading doing parent teacher conferences and coming home to no one to tell how smart our kids are and to secretly snicker at what antics our 8 year old has pulled lately…i’m dreading a lot, but i’ve already done 7 months. more than half way is already done, i can do it, i know i can…but unfortunately right now the rest of this deployment is hanging over my head because of how wonderful it was to have him around, how much easier it is to parent our children when he’s around, and how much more at ease i am when he’s around. well i’m going to do what i always do …hold on tight to anything just to keep the sanity.