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park city


last night we got to check into our “home for a few days” um… i wish i could call it my home, it was ginormous (it’s one of those timeshare thingys that my in laws have). we can’t use it till wednesday because of the small little thing we call “kids being in school” but we figured if we could leave after school on wednesday and get all their work for thursday and friday we will be good.
GI joe husband offered (after i gently suggested) taking a picture of yours truly for the blog since usually you only see my feet…yeah, he then offered to take “other” kind of pictures later after the kids were to be in bed, with a smirk, which i quickly just pretended like i didn’t even hear it. he’s such a funny jokester that GI joe husband of mine. hahaha..ha…ha..hmmm…