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they must of been passing out 1st place ribbons like they were going out of style


ah the parade, if you haven’t done a parade in a super small town, you aren’t missing much, but as we spend more time here, you get a little protective about it and there’s no way i would knock it. so they must of been passing out blue ribbons like party favors ’cause somehow i ended up with 5 first places, for stitchery pillows (they were my own designs) and my katie quilt got a blue ribbon too. i also nabbed 3 2nd place red ribbons for my other stitchery pillows and for my little purse handbag, and my buggy barn flag quilt. so yeah the count was 6 blue ribbons and 5 red ribbons.
not quite sure who made this quilt but it got special recognition and will go on to the state fair… there were a few others but this one was my favorite to move on to the next round.

and then we went to the park where i paid disneyland prices for really unhealthy food the kind that sticks to your ribs but you only eat once a year kind and for the jumper slides which the boys thoroughly enjoyed for 3 hours… the boys are at the demolition derby as we speak, and then that is it for the fair…good times, good times. we missed the rodeo, but i wasn’t about to tackle that all by myself this year. next year hopefully i’ll have pictures of the rodeo as our children ride the mutton, chase a greased up pig all around the fairground, and then we will sit and enjoy the high school boys and their dads destroy cars at the demolition derby…sigh…what a way to end the summer…

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