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We are rapidly approaching fall here. Yes, i know what you are saying “WHAT?! Its’ july crazy girl!” but let me explain…out in the middle of nowhere things are done…differently. You all are still frolicking around going to water parks sipping lemonade…here we’re talking about cords and hunting licenses.

here are the sure tell tale signs that we are getting close the end of summer…small town style:
1.everyone is getting their permits for cords…what’s a cord you ask? It’s an amount of wood that you are allowed to cut down for personal use. EVERYONE around here has a chainsaw and they go out and get their cord and then they chop it down for logs for the upcoming winter for their fireplace. are harvesting their alfalfa. On my way to soccer I have to pass many many MANY fields of alfalfa, and I noticed the farmers are getting ready to do their first harvest of hay. They cut it all down and then in the next couple of days their tractors (don’t know if there’s a specific name for the specific tractor that does this…to me they are all tractors) goes and gathers the alfalfa and “poops” out bales of hay (still green) and some bigger tractors make circular bales of hay…have no idea how that works but it’s cool. Want to get a picture of that.

3.there’s exciting chatter of a HUGE elk this year and everyone is talking about the “pool” to get a chance at it. I was talking to a friend and she was explaining that she went into the pool for hunting elk this year. I looked at her like she was speaking Chinese (mind you I don’t know how to speak Chinese) but then I remembered that I heard last year something like you go and get in line to be put on a list and your name gets selected to hunt bambi’s dad…now being from California where every tom dick and harry is trying to save everything from “wetlands” to “five legged mosquitoes” it’s quite alien for me to think of people and not just men, talking about that “this is the year that they are going to get ‘er done and get em that elk!” apparently there are pictures, I’ve been told, of this so called elk that has a 9 and 12 point (once again Chinese)… let me try to explain this one if I can … I guess every year elk loose their antlers and they grow them back each year a little bigger with more “points” it’s pretty nice huntin when you get yourself a 6 and 6 point elk (six antler points on each side) so to hear that there is an elk that has 9 and 12points…that’s like INSANE! Everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE is talking about this elk…pretty sure if anyone gets this elk it’s going to be mounted on their truck grill instead of in their house so that everyone can see it first hand… poor elk doesn’t even know what’s coming…

sure signs that we are moving into winter time:

men traveling in packs of florescent orange safety jackets and camo hats, gun racks in truck cabs, and bambi’s dad’s antlers sticking out of the back of pick-up trucks…it’s a good thing I’ve not told anyone around here that I was a vegetarian for 12 years!

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