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simply scrumtious scraps giveaway


if you read my little sidebar “to do” list you would see that i’ve been “organizing” i started with the kids rooms and now i’m moving into my craft area…i’ve been blessed that i have a business that “makes” me need to buy fabric. been doing the stitchery business thing for 5 years now, and now i’m trying to branch out a little and create some different things. but with 5 years of “having” to buy fabric…i’ve acquired a stash. i do this usually at christmas time where i go through my scraps and either give them away or swap for something. well i’m cleaning it out right now…this is just the tip of the ice burg, and i’m thinking of selling the rest of my scrumptious scraps in my etsy shop this batch doesn’t have a color scheme going or anything it’s just whatever, so you’ll find greens, creams, reds, blues, yellows, and even a smidge of black and brown.

and i have some yummy charm packs to give away too. these two charm packs coordinate with each other, one being all gighams and wovens, while the other is prints…

so leave me a comment…tell me you want em. tell your friends to leave a comment for you too, so if you tell a lot of friends to mention your name then that’s how many times i’ll put it in for the drawing . on monday morning the 14th i’ll draw the winners names from a bowl and we’ll see who gets the yummy fabrics! sound good?