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the girl loves her shoes


what’s a girl to do when she loves all her shoes? have a pair on her feet and another pair close at hand wherever she goes…might have a little to do with the fact that the momma loves her shoes too.
Both the little one and I got new shoes yesterday. They were on clearance and calling my name, and now it means I need to retire a pair of shoes that these will replace…hmmm… I’ll have to sit on this one for a little.

On the agenda today…clean, clean, clean, a little more gardening,

and trying to get rid of these ( i didn’t say they weren’t cute or anything…i just don’t need 7 cats at my house you know?) i’ve put it off till now because i’m still in the doghouse for getting rid of the goats. *sigh* just trying to get some of the crazy out of here and clearly i’m not going anywhere so the cats have got to go…anyone want one?