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le skirt


made out of two pillow cases i found at a thrift store for a total of $1.

I tried to take a picture of le skirt by myself but i couldn’t get the right angle, so i gave my 6 year old le camera, and before i could even get situated to ask him to take le picture, he was handing it back and saying “okay mom I took it” and off he went running back to his brothers to continue the always on going play of “soldiers” i looked at le picture, and thought…”that’s not a half bad pic”… got to hand it to le 6 year old.
next project: amy butler pattern. i still get sweaty palms and have an urge to throw up when i think about having to put a zipper in…i know i’m a dork, don’t you think i already know that? but hey this is the year that i do things and not just talk about them…i don’t know when yet…and it is a little less scary when I’m working with $2 sheets…I mean what’s $2 right? so i’m sure you’ll be seeing this skirt sometime in the near future.

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