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for fathers day i hate you…


10 things I hate about you: are a wonderful husband… I hate that I miss you everyday. are a great father…I hate that the boys don’t have you around to do fatherly things with. baby Katie to no end…I hate that she will not know you till you get home. take care of me… I hate that I’ve had to figure out photo shop (and not very well) all by myself. are the hardest worker I know…I hate that the boys don’t have you as a role model all year long. are a sponge for knowledge… I hate not having you spout off useless facts. are funny…I hate that when I laugh at something, it’s not something that you said. are eccentric at times…I hate that you are not here to complain that i am facing you at night in bed and my breathing makes your arm hairs sway back and forth. are super organized…okay well I don’t hate that one, you can be kind of annoying when you can organize to no end everything and then organize those things you organized into more organization. I guess I hate not being annoyed at your organizing skills. are not here…and I hate that.

happy fathers day hun from me and the crew