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what i did and didn’t do


*i DID make and finish AND package my felt sugar cookies.

*i DID simplify kate’s room to some basic colors that i will build on.

*i DID work on my quilt gosh i mean kate’s quilt, and i am in love with it (and almost done with it)

*i DID start eating my weight in ice cream last night (again)

*i DID get to spend some time with friends last night while we sewed.

*i DID finish more table runners to put in my etsy shop

things i didn’t do:

* i DIDN’T talk to jake (but i got to this morning WOOHOO!)

*i DIDN’T go to bed early (well it was early, in the morning…why can’t i put it in my head that i’m not 19 anymore and i can’t pull all nighters)

*i DIDN’T finish the rag rug, but as you can tell it’s pretty darn close

*i DIDN’T find handles for kate’s dresser (it’s hard to find matching ones in different sizes that vary only by 1/2 an inch)

*i DIDN’T fold all my laundry (*sigh*)

what i’m going to do today: 5:45 pm i find myself changing my to do list:

*finish my quilt (i mean kaite’s quilt) i’m going to try if i’m not too tired

*mow the lawn not going to happen it’s too windy and cold

*finish my rag rug worked on it but ran out of sheets and i have to wait till i can get some more

*tidy up and fold my laundry did i mention i’m tired, so no i don’t think i will…

*throw away (or eat) the ice cream most defitnitly going to EAT the ice cream, we have a date for tonight while i watch the office and grey’s

*go to bed early

*not start any new projects or finish any projects

*be depressed because i don’t know if i’ll talk to jake for a while…

*vow off ice cream after this gallon is gone