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smarter than the average goat, and confessions…


so i outsmarted the goats, they keep getting out and i would of taken a picture of my labors but until it holds up for a few days i’m not going to brag, but i think i’m getting smarter than them! me and my momma, i wish i had her green eyes!

and i confessed about the habit i felt totally guilty that i was sneaking around with it that i came out and told her…she was a little disappointed ( i hate to do that!) but then as you can tell she couldn’t stay mad for too long…and then i got the lecture. *sigh* i know mom…i’ll try.

here’s a picture of the product of the boxes i posted yesterday, they are these wonderfully delicious, tasty, happy makers that are called pan de vonos…they are bread made with cheese(correction:AND eggs i was told), and are to die for!!! especially with some hot chocolate! the kids and i enjoyed ever single one of them and we can’t wait for the next batch to come out of the oven!!! thank heavens for my hispanic full of spunk mommy! i’m a total product of her and that makes me proud!

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