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good nights sleep, new apron, kids occupied…


so i got such a great night’s sleep, i think i got like 9 hours, katie slept through the night, (a first! in a loooooooooooooooong time) a friend gave me a new apron (plain white, and i can’t wait to put adorable pockets on it!!!) and the kids are excited and have all kinds of plans to play all day long with pokemon and little green soldiers, sooooo my sewing machine is in full speed mode, ipod is a booming with my music (one earphone on so i can hear if i’m needed),diet dr. pepper in hand, gorgeous weather (in the 50’s) so we’ll do a picnic lunch i think, all in all great day…i won’t even let the goat get me in a bad mood (he’s in the nieghbor’s yard, and i’m just leaving him there, don’t care!) kyle just told me that ryan called him a stupid head, “tell him you are not” “okay!” see problem solved…everything can roll off of me today! cause i have a date with finishing my table runners, baby doll quilt and sugar cookies, and the kids and i will have a picnic, i’m going to rent the bee movie and we’ll eat popcorn. and then i’ll get my dumb goat back in my yard.